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About Us

We are PADI dive instructors who have found great enjoyment in watching our students light up as they are introduced to the world of scuba diving. Each of us is very patient and it gives us great joy in helping others accomplish something they perhaps never imaged. Our main focus are our students - YOU! We are here to help meet your goals and watch you SMILE as you learn to scuba dive.

Once you have reached a desired scuba certification, it is our hope you will continue to develop and master your new skill. We hope to become a part of your continuing scuba education journey. We are here to leverage our knowledge and experience in helping you becoming skilled scuba divers.

SA Scuba Shack  | PADI Master Instructor - BIO

David Guernsey - PADI Master Instructor

David is originally from North Carolina and learned to dive while stationed in GUAM for the U.S. Navy in the early 1980's. He fell in love with the scuba diving and becoming a dive professional was the next natural step. He LOVES to teach and introduce his students to the new world under the water! He has amazing patience and has certified students at the recreational level on up to the various dive professional levels. David believes having fun is mandatory and is known for teaching his students to 'boogie' underwater.

SA Scuba Shack | Master Scuba Diver Trainer - BIO

Loyda Villarreal - PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Loyda was certified during the colder months here in San Antonio. As she got out of the water, her hair froze stiff and had icicles hanging from her hair. You may find Loyda doning her"Queen Feona" hoodie. Loyda has affectionately nick named herself "MERMAID FLUNKY", however she has become a passionate instructor and her love for scuba is reflected in her classes and her dives.

SA Scuba Shack | IDC Staff Instructor - BIO

Steve Bradford - PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Steve was introduced to SCUBA diving at the very young age of 12. As he grew into an adult and his love for diving grew, he decided to pursue becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor, later followed by IDC Staff instructor. He has certified students at the recreational and professional levels. His patience and contagious smile make even the most nervous student relax. Steve is a kid at heart and has occasionally been spotted sporting a dive bunny suit.

SA Scuba Shack | PADI Master Instructor - BIO

Tony Smith - PADI Master Instructor

Tony has been diving since his 20s and loves traveling the country. While he has many dives off the California coast you are more apt to find him in the Florida Keys. He often returns to San Antonio for his love of teaching scuba diving. Tony's is always ready to ‘go dive’, but receives his biggest enjoyment from sharing his years of diving experience with others. He is patient, professional and fun with his students. If he isn't driving around in his sports car filled with scuba gear, you can find him wearing his orange do-rag while diving.

SA Scuba Shack | Open Water Scuba Instructor - BIO

Courtney Horn - PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

After years of listening to his father’s underwater adventure stories, he decided to follow his footsteps and received his diving certification in 2012. Although he is active duty US Air Force, he found the time to play underwater in Japan and Belize. After discovering the fascinating ‘alien’ life below the water’s surface, he felt the need to share his new world. Upon returning to his native Texas, he quickly was very active with our dive shop and became an instructor. After diving, his second love is his dog ‘Kaylee’ and his ‘Real Tree’ (NOT Mossy Oak) camo stuff.

SA Scuba Shack | PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor - BIO

Rick Eubanks - PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Rick’s love of being around water led him to SCUBA in 1997. He was immediately enamored with his first hand experience of witnessing the amazing beauty which many do not see. He decided to share this love with his growing family. Recognizing the value of becoming a dive professional he helps support the dive community and introduce others to the amazing aquatic life. Rick’s demeanor is usually quiet, but is one of those guys who ‘carries the music inside’ and comes out at the most unexpected and fun moment.

SA Scuba Shack | Open Water Scuba Instructor - BIO

Stephanie ‘Red’ Denning - PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Looking to add more adventure to her blissfully wedded life, in 2001 Stephanie decided to get her husband an awesome birthday gift of SCUBA lessons. How lucky is THAT guy right? Little did she know that she would get bit by the bug, which led to their diving adventures in the Gulf of California, Pacific and Caribbean (St. Lucia is her fav!). Soon after she became an instructor in SoCal introducing others to the “other 70% of the planet”. Stephanie is a fiery red head whose contagiously positive energy draws smiles on those around her.

SA Scuba Shack | PADI Master Instructor - BIO

Jason Reichenberg - PADI Master Instructor

Not intimidated of becoming a diver in place called Devil’s Den Florida in 1997, he fell deeply in love with the sport of scuba diving and 6 years later became an instructor. He continued to teach in Florida and later in Hawaii where he also became a full time guide for several years and dove with the Eagle Rays and Octopi. Jason has a heart of gold and a love for giving back to the community through the Elks Lodge of which he is actively engaged as President and supports various charities. He aspires to take over the world and end hunger… haha! Oh yeah…. and more importantly, he is a proud papa to Abigail and Victor who also enjoy getting in the water with dear old dad.

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