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Equipment Service

Servicing your scuba equipment is a priority to ensure you have your scuba equipment working at its best. When we enter the underwater world we go as visitors and adventurers carrying everything we need to explore and survive strapped to our bodies. Your Scuba equipment is your life support equipment and is required to be in top working order when scuba diving.

Our technicians require 3 to 5 days which allows us the time to service or repair your scuba equipment while providing you with cost effective equipment servicing prices. (RUSH Service may be requested on service & repairs, however a rush charge will apply.) Equipped with a variety of test equipment and specialty tools technicians will repair or service your equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications and tune it for optimum performance.



Regulator - 1st & 2nd Stage
Regulator Octo
Tank HYDRO - with o-rings & fill
Tank VIP - with o-ring & fill

We offer servicing on:

  • Regulators
  • BCD’s
  • Computers
  • Hydro & VIP Testing
    • SCUBA Cylinders
    • PAINT BALL Cylinders
  • Other services also available


First stages should be externally rinsed with fresh water after use and all other regulator equipment should be immersed in clean fresh water for several hours to prevent the formation of salt crystals inside the equipment.

Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD):

BCD’s need to be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water after use, especially on the inside. If you let the salt water dry in the inside of the BCD it will form salt crystals that can perforate the bladder. We can obtain parts for most makes and models of BCD’s.

Dive Computers:

In most cases, we can change the battery of your dive computer. However, since dive computers are delicate, electronic, life supporting equipment, it is essential they are serviced by fully trained experts. If needed, we will send dive computers to the manufacturers main service centers for full servicing. The return time can be between 3 to 4 weeks depending on the manufactures servicing time.

Scuba and Paint Ball Cylinders:

Tanks should be handled carefully to avoid external damages. Never allow your tank to be completely drained of air, as this will allow internal condensation or water introduction into the tank.

  • Air fills up to 3500 psi - empty tanks will require VIP prior to filling.
  • Hydrostatic Inspection (HYDRO)- Due every five years from current stamped HYDRO date.
  • Visual Inspections (VIP)- Due annually as of the month punched on the visual inspection label. These can be completed within 24 hours or in most cases within a few hours. Your safety matters to us.
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