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SA Scuba Shack - Dive Lessons San Antonio SA Scuba Shack - Dive Lessons San Antonio eLearning SA Scuba Shack - Dive Lessons San Antonio SA Scuba Shack - Dive Lessons San Antonio SA Scuba Shack - Dive Lessons San Antonio SA Scuba Shack - Dive Lessons San Antonio SA Scuba Shack - Dive Lessons San Antonio

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San Antonio, Texas

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SA SCUBA Shack is a full service dive shop serving the San Antonio and surrounding areas for all your SCUBA diving needs. Learn to scuba dive with us ! Not only do we offer scuba certifications classes, we also offer sales of scuba diving equipment and accessories, scuba diving equipment servicing and scuba diving rentals (BCD, Regs, Air Cylinders, Etc), air fills, VIP and hydrostatic testing of your scuba tanks.

Our mission is to provide you the best personal service possible. We genuinely stress the word ‘personal’ because we want more than just your business. We want to know you. Scuba diving is more than our business. It is our passion. We are here to share that passion and our experiences with you in our scuba classes and scuba diving events. We build underwater experiences, not just sell you a product or service. Our scuba diving lessons and scuba certifications are fun and enjoyable by everyone. Not only do you have fun during your scuba diving class, most of our scuba diving graduates don't even realize they are learning to scuba dive.

Scuba diving is a community of people who have a special interest in diving and who typically want to go beyond learning. They also want to meet other dive enthusiasts and take trips together. We help make that happen. If you need a dive buddy, we are here to help you make those connections !

We are associated with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) offering classroom, as well as private instruction. Our scuba certification classes range all the way from learning to snorkel into becoming a dive professional as a PADI Divemaster.

Although we offer some standard classroom schedules, we are also very flexible in accommodating you and your busy lifestyle. Browse through our Events page for upcoming scuba class schedules.

Our business model is very different than anything you will find in the dive industry. Our dive shop is purposely very small to minimize our overhead and operational costs. This provides us flexibility in passing the savings on to you. Although we are small, we are very well stocked and if we don’t have it, we can order it for you.

Call us or come by and get to know us. Find out for yourself what we are all about.


PADI - Go Dive Video

This is a fun video and provides a brief look into what may inspire you to get started and become part of the fun and exciting dive community. Explore the other 2 thirds of the world !

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SA Scuba Shack San Antonio, Texas - Learn to Dive